Alto's POS offers all its features for Free!

Point of Sale

Work with any device

Alto’s POS works on any iOS/Android smartphone and tablet, as well as on any web browser.

Returns and refunds

Provide your customers an option to return items and receive refund based on the receipt.

Payment options

Let your customers choose from multiple payment methods: cash, card, or any other integrated payment system.

Sales discounts

Offer discounts to certain items or total ticket amount of your clients.

Print or send digital receipts

For the convenience of your customers, print out or send receipts via email.

Add item variants

Attribute variants to items of different versions (size, color, portion, etc.).

Work offline

Keep working even when you are offline. All changes will automatically be synced when internet is restored.

Scanning barcodes

Use built-in camera of your smartphone or tablet to scan barcodes of items during sale.

Hardware compatibility

Alto’s POS supports Ethernet or Bluetooth receipt printers, Bluetooth or USB barcode scanners, cash drawers and POS terminals.

Multiple locations

Operate multiple branches of your business via a single account.

Customer display

Show real-time order information to customers on a separate screen.

Split&Merge Ticket

Show real-time order information to customers on a separate screen.

Inventory Management

Stock taking

Conduct inventory count manually or with a barcode reader. Reveal and apply changes (damages and losses) in stock levels.

Stock control and valuation

Keep track of individual items in stock and view the quantity and value of your inventory on a report.


Manage your purchasing process: create orders, share them with suppliers and enter purchased items to stock.

Low stock

Get notifications about low stock items to place orders on time.

Inventory transfers

Transfer stock items between multiple locations.

Production control

Control stock of items made/prepared with multiple components/ingredients.

Scanning barcodes

Use built-in camera of your smartphone or tablet to scan barcodes of incoming inventory items.


Print and apply barcode labels on items to speed up sales, purchasing and inventory processes.

Importing data

Import numerous items at once using XLS or CSV spreadsheets.

Inventory records

View records of incoming and outgoing inventory.

Employee Management

Employee time clock

View a record of the hours an employee worked to calculate the pay.

Efficient workload

Analyze data on workload per hour to better manage your personnel.

Access rights

Set roles for each employee via the Back Office interface.

Employee performance

Evaluate your employees based on their work performance and use data for decision making.


Sign in or sign out users. Choose preferred interface language. Clear cached date or reset all data, when necessary.

Quick shortcuts

Quick switch between Back Office and Point of Sale interfaces. As well as, shortcuts to Lock Screen and Clock Out options.

Sales Analytics

Sales trend analysis

Look at sales data to identify and react based on how you are currently doing vs. the expected performance.

Best-selling items

Build your marketing and sales strategy based on the best-selling items analytics.

Tax calculator

Save your time with automated tax reports.

Receipts record

Check receipts history to review all transactions.

Shift report

Check the cash register and match it against actual sales at the end of the shift.

Export reports

Get your sales reports exported as spreadsheets


Dashboard provides various dimensional views so you can respond quickly to trends and patterns of your business.

Real-time reporting

Advanced business analytics is all automated and provides you with insightful data driven from POS onto your dashboard within moments.

All-level data analysis

Get hourly, daily or weekly business reports on key performance indicators to keep up with the status of your business.


Customers & purchase report

Evaluate your customers based on the number of visits and purchases they have made. Get to know them better by looking at their purchase history.

Loyalty program

Offer motivational bonus points to loyal customers on every purchase they make with their points cards.

Restaurant & Bar Features

Open tickets

Alto’s POS allows you to save and edit orders, as well as assign names (eg. table number) or enter comments to open tickets.

Kitchen printer / display

Help your staff keep track of orders using kitchen printer or kitchen display system (KDS), or both.

Dining options

Offer different dining options to your customers: eat-in, takeout and/or delivery.

Item modifiers

Create and apply add-ons and fillers to orders in one click.


Create and assign ingredients to your composite items (or use them in production) to control the full cost of your products


Create stations to process orders separately. For example, orders for meals to be displayed on KDS and drinks at Bar.