Alto's kitchen display screen

A kitchen display system for smoother restaurant operations and increased efficiency for Free

No Delay in Order Tracking

All orders entered into the Alto's restaurant POS will instantly appear on kitchen display and be visible to the kitchen staff.

A kitchen display system automatically tracks how long it takes for each order to be fulfilled.

Kitchen Display system makes sure your customers are served on time.

Optimize kitchen efficiency. Let your kitchen staff see which orders need to be completed first.

Kitchen display system reduces the time gap between the order placing and order preparing.

Streamlined Kitchen Operations

Alto's kitchen display screen serves as a central repository by laying out all orders at once to the kitchen staff and allowing them to know everything about each customer’s order (including the ingredients needed to fill it). Being able to see the big picture improves efficiency, rather than receiving separate orders with similar items.

A kitchen display system ensures that no order gets lost or confused and enhances accuracy.

Special preferences of customers regarding their orders can be included and be visible on the display system.

Kitchen display system is environment-friendly and reduces paper wastage.

Improved Communication

Alto's Kitchen Display system is flexible and helps you solve almost any operational situation you can imagine.

Kitchen staff can change the status of orders ready to serve via kitchen display screen.

The system eliminates the need for the kitchen staff to run back and forth and thus improves communication.


Analyze operational data and real-time metrics to make strategic decisions.

Alto's insights help you keep track of your business, and analyze reports.

The system gives you in-depth reports through which you can track the average time taken to complete an order.

Find out how much time and resources are being spent on a particular order.

Identify troubles in the workflow to make effective adjustments.

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