Employee Management

Empower your staff with Alto’s and boost your productivity

Employees and Access rights

Grant access to your employees to business operations based on their roles. This helps you distribute responsibilities correctly and ensure information security.

Create user profiles for each employee and assign roles with corresponding access rights and permissions.

Provide each employee with a secure PIN to be entered prior to clocking in or out.

Employee timecards

Use timecards to calculate an accurate payroll which, in turn, leads to an accurate amount your business spent on labour.

View the history of the clock in and out times of each employee or update data when necessary.

Total hours worked by each employee for a given time period is also available as a separate report.

Employees performance

Evaluate employee performance through reporting. Reward and motivate top performers.

Employee accountability

In Alto’s, each transaction is logged with the employee who completed it, which helps you minimize mishandling and mistreatment.

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