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A comprehensive tool to manage your business account in one place

Reports & Analytics

Extract meaningful insights from a wide variety of reports to better understand and improve your business performance.

Your business is at your fingertips with real-time data on gross sales, refunds, discounts, taxes, COGS and profit for a given time period.

Keep a better pulse on your company’s sales performance with detailed reports (item, category, payment type, payment type, etc.).​

Set clear goals for your sales team based on their performance.

Don’t waste time calculating taxes and discounts.

Review your sales and refund records by date, location, employee, customer and type.

Browse shift history to see when a shift was created, who it was assigned to and the difference between expected and actual cash at the end of each shift.

Manage your Inventory

Automatic management of stock levels, inventory transfers between multiple locations and purchase orders.

Create and send purchase orders to suppliers.

Set up automatic low stock alerts.

Monitor and move your stocks between multiple locations with transfer orders.

Conduct regular inventory counts with ease and make necessary stock adjustments.

Generate custom items from multiple components.

Review changes in your inventory and keep watch on the quantity, as well as the value of your stock items.

Manage your Products

With our back office tool, creating and updating your item list is as simple as ABC.

Create new items/products and edit them with just a few clicks.

Create categories and organize your products by categories.

Create and assign ingredients to your composite items (or use them in production) to control the full cost of your products

Enter a list of ingredients and divide them into separate categories.

Combine two or more items to generate composite items.

Customize items by adding unit, image and variants such as size, color, style, etc. Use an SKU number generated automatically or create your own.

Add modifiers which help you upsell thereby increasing your average sale.

Setup product discounts of your preference - percentage or fixed amount.

Add multiple new items at once in CSV or XLS file using our Import tool.

Manage your Employees

Your employees are the ones who make your business a success. Organize them properly to achieve team effectiveness and performance.

Create user roles with corresponding access rights and permissions.

Switch Time clock feature to track clock-in and clock-out time of your employees.

Check total hours worked to evaluate employee workload and performance.

Know your Customers

It is important to know your customers. Keep your database up-to-date and improve service experience with activity follow-up.

Add new customers to your database with just a few clicks.

View the first and last visit, amount spent and points earned by each customer on a single page to have an insight to their activity.

Location & Devices

With Alto’s, managing and controlling multiple branches of your business is easy. Set your business locations and pair them with corresponding devices, such as POS, customer and kitchen displays. Create stations according to your business needs. Such as, Kitchen and Bar and process orders separately by displaying meals at the Kitchen and drinks at the Bar.


Alto’s offers a set of features any of which can be activated to serve your business needs (Clock in/out, Kitchen Display, Dining options, etc.)

Setup payment types convenient to your clients, such as card, cash or other.

Create your own loyalty programs to reward regular clients by crediting a percentage of the purchase to the points to accounts of the customer.

Create a tax amount and indicate whether it should be applied to each separate item or to the total price at the counter.

Arrange electronic and printed receipt settings by applying special features to best fit your business needs. (Insert logo, select location, custom text, etc.)

Create a list of your predefined tickets and choose business locations at which they should be active and name them according to your needs, such as, Table 1, Table 2, etc.

Edit your account name, clear cached data or reset all data, if necessary.

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