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Purchase orders

Manage your purchasing process: create orders, share them with suppliers and enter purchased items to stock.

Set time and location at which your purchase order is expected to be delivered.

Choose a supplier from your previously created list of suppliers.

See existing and incoming stock items to better plan the necessary purchase order quantity.

In case of incomplete delivery, input the actual quantity of items delivered.

Transfer orders

Monitor and move your stocks between multiple locations with transfer orders. Specify date, quantity, source and destination of stock to be moved.

Stock adjustments

Make inventory adjustments for each location by adding the stock at hand or based on inventory count, loss or damage.

Inventory counts

Conduct a complete or partial inventory count (by item, category or suppliers) for each location manually or using a barcode scanner.

See the expected vs. actual quantity of stock items and the difference in quantity and cost.

Review stocktaking records by date, location and status.


This feature is for businesses with stock items that require production in advance.

The item to be produced should be a composite item with two or more components (or ingredients).

Specify the quantity to be prepared in advance and the tool will automatically calculate the total cost of the stock produced and adjust the inventory of components accordingly.


Create a supplier database for efficient strategic sourcing and smooth workflow.

Inventory history

Look at the log of all changes in your inventory. Filter items by date, item, location, employee and reason for adjustments made.

Inventory valuation

The inventory valuation report reveals the total cost and sale value of all items in the inventory and potential profits from them.

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