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Add New Product (for food businesses)

Go to the Back Office to add a product. Select the Products menu. Tap Add Product to add a new product.

  1. Fill in basic product details such as product name, unit, price, cost and category.
  1. Input or scan your product barcode. Enter a custom SKU or use a system-generated SKU.
  1. Select a Station, if necessary (applicable for restaurant type services).

If your product is prepared/composed of one or multiple ingredients (or products), you can specify its components by enabling the Composite item toggle switch.

Click (+) button and choose the component(s) from the list of ingredients and products.

Then tap on each component to specify (or edit later) the gross and net quantities used to prepare the product.

Based on this information, the system automatically calculates the cost of the product and adjusts inventory of its components each time the product is sold.

If it is a make-to-stock (eg., a bakery or a confectionery) product, which requires production in advance, you can enable the Use production feature to allow pre-production of the product.

Additionally you can type in information on how to prepare the product and specify cooking time as a guide for the kitchen staff.

Alternatively, if your product is not a composite product, you can just turn on the Track stock toggle to follow up its inventory.

Pick one or multiple business locations for your product.

You can pick product color, shape, icon or take/upload its image for better navigation on the sales screen. Tap Save to update product list.