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Customer Display System (CDS) in Alto’s

Customer Display System (CDS) is a useful feature that allows customers to see the details of their orders (item list, quantities and amounts, taxes, discounts and points) on a separate customer-facing screen during checkout.

How to set up Alto’s Customer Display System (CDS)

Here are the steps to set up a customer display system in Alto’s and start using it:

  1. First, go to Back Office > Settings > Features. Toggle the Customer displays switch on and tap Save.
  1. Then go to Back Office > Locations & Devices > CDS devices. Tap the Add CDS Device + button to add a new customer display device.
  1. Enter a device name and select the POS with which the display will be paired. Tap Save.
  1. Now download and open Alto’s POS & Inventory on the device that will serve as a CDS display.
  2. On the Sign in screen, select Customer Display, then enter your email address and password to log in.
  1. On the next screen, choose the added customer display from the dropdown list and tap Select.
  1. All set.
  1. Now all the details of orders accepted at the paired POS will be instantly displayed on this screen.

How Customer Display System (CDS) works in Alto’s

  1. The left side of the customer display screen (Ticket area) instantly displays details of the order accepted at the POS.
  1. The right side of the screen displays the name of the store (location) and the name of the employee serving the customer. Below is a field in which the customer can enter an email address to receive the e-version of the receipt.
  1. If the sale is made to a customer who is already in the database, his email address will automatically show up in the email field.
  1. As soon as the cashier completes the order, the customer will see the total amount, the amount of change and the number of points earned on the left side of the screen.
  1. When the transaction is complete, the customer can simply tap the Send Receipt button to receive the e-version of the receipt in his/her email.