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How to set up your shop in Alto’s POS

Once you have installed Alto’s POS (Play Market, App Store or a Desktop version), you can login to the Back Office by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

Go to the Settings section on the left navigation menu to adjust Settings and Features.

You can choose to switch on features such as Open Tickets, Time Clock, Shifts, Customer Display, Negative Stock Alerts, Low Stock Notifications, Weight Embedded Barcodes, according to your needs.

Save to activate changes.

Payment Types

From the Back Office interface go to Settings > Payment Types. Click the Add new (+) button to add a new type of payment.

In Alto’s POS common types of payments such as cash and card are available in the system by default. Should you need to change an existing or add additional types of payment, it can be done via the Add new (+) button.

  1. To add a payment type tap (+) in the Payment types section by selecting a type from the drop-down list. A unique name can be specified for each payment type. Cash is set as a default payment type and can not be changed. Click Save to finish.

2. According to the preference of the customer, a cashier can choose a type of payment when completing each sale transaction via Alto’s POS (Play Market or App Store).

3. Each receipt includes information about the payment type used during the sale transaction.

4. From the Back Office interface go to Reports > Payment Types to view all sales transactions sorted by payment types.

5. Any changes such as deletion or renaming of payment types will not affect the existing historical data in the Reports > Payment Types section. All previously used payment type names will appear in the receipts that were synchronized before the change took place.