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How to Create and Apply a Modifier?

Modifiers are groups of optional items such as add-ons, toppings or side dishes. They are commonly used by restaurant-type businesses to customize orders and thereby increase revenues.

  1. To add a modifier, go to the Back Office and tap Modifiers under Products on the navigation menu. Next, click ‘Add Modifier’ button.

2. Enter the name of the modifier.

Then, click Add Option to create a modifier option.

Enter the modifier name and its price in the corresponding fields. For more options, repeat the same action.

Choose location(s) from the drop-down list at which you want this modifier to be available or turn the toggle on to activate it automatically at all locations.

3. Click ‘Save’ to save the modifier. Now you’re ready to offer options from your modifier on the Point of Sale.

Next, go to Products. Tap on the product to which you would like to apply the modifier.

4. Toggle on the corresponding modifier under the Modifiers section and Save the product.

Now you’re ready to offer modifier options on the Point of Sale.

Go to the Point of Sale > Sales. Tap on the ordered product.

5. Choose the modifier option(s) and specify the product quantity.

6. Once you tap Save, the product with the chosen modifier option(s) will show up in the ticket.

NOTE: To view sales data (quantity sold and amount) for modifiers, go to Back Office > Reports > Modifiers. Track stock feature is not available for modifiers.