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How to Manage Shifts in Alto’s

Alto’s POS & Inventory offers the Shifts feature to easily monitor and manage the cash going in and out of your drawer as a result of POS transactions (i.e. sales, refunds, etc.) and other activities (pay ins or payouts) between two points in time.

Follow the steps below to start using Shifts.

  1. Go to Back Office > Settings > Features and enable the Shifts toggle and tap Save.
  1. Now, go to Point of Sale > Shift. Tap Open Shift.
  1. In the popup window enter the starting amount that the cash drawer contains and tap Open Shift.
  1. The details of the shift (location, POS, shift opening date and time, cash summary & sales summary, etc.) will appear on the next screen.
  1. Pay-ins and payouts during the shift can be recorded by using the Pay In and Pay Out buttons on the shift page.
  2. For instance, if you want to add $30 cash into your cash drawer which came for a reason other than a sale, then go to the shift page and tap Pay In.
  3. Enter the amount and your comment, if necessary, and tap Pay In.
  1. The amount instantly shows up in the shift details as Paid in.
  1. Similarly, if you want to withdraw some cash (for example, $35) from the drawer, then go to the shift page and tap the Pay Out button.
  2. Enter the amount and your comment, if necessary, and tap Pay Out.
  1. The amount paid out instantly shows up in the shift details.
  1. At the end of the day, tap the Close Shift button to close the shift.
  1. A Close Shift window will pop up where you can see the expected cash automatically calculated by the system and an empty field where you must enter the actual amount of cash in the drawer. The system will display the difference (overage or shortage) as soon as you enter the actual cash.

Should you want to restrict your employees (eg. your cashiers) from viewing shift details:

  1. Go to the Back Office > Users > Acces rights.
  2. Simply tap the user role (in this case, the Cashier) to open the Edit Role screen, uncheck the View shift report checkbox and save your changes.
  1. Now your employees who are assigned the Cashier role cannot view shift details, but can and should only enter the actual cash amount when closing a shift.