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Negative Stock Alerts in Alto’s POS

If you would like to receive warnings on an attempt to sell more inventory than available in stock, from the Back Office interface go to Settings > Features and enable or disable alerts using the Negative Stock Alerts toggle and tap Save.

To receive Negative Stock Alerts, make sure you have activated the Track Stock option for products which you want to receive alerts for.

When enabled, this feature will notify the cashier about the insufficient stock when the quantity of the product entered to the ticket is more than the quantity available in stock or out of stock if there is no stock at all.

Cashiers can adjust the quantity of the product in the ticket and Save, if the stock of the product is more than 0. Upon charging for the ticket the system will prompt a notification for the cashier to confirm a Negative Inventory Alert.

By tapping Continue, the cashier can complete the sale.

Note: Negative Stock Alerts display notifications only when there is Internet access available. Warnings do not work in offline mode.