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How to make Sales with Alto’s POS

Switch to Alto’s Point of Sale interface by clicking the vertical ellipsis (⋮) on the top right corner of the Navigation menu.

  1. From the Point of Sale interface go to Sales > and click it.
  1. From the All Products area select a category
  1. Tap on a product to add to the ticket or search for a product via search bar on top right corner of the All Products area.

By tapping a product on the ticket area, you can change the quantity of the product and Save.

Swipe left on a product in the ticket area and tap Delete to remove it from the list.

Or tap/click on the product in the “Ticket” window, a pop-up window will appear, at the bottom of the window, click on the red “Cart” icon.

Click the vertical ellipsis (⋮) on the top right corner of the Ticket area and tap Clear Ticket to void a sale.

To charge the ticket, tap on the Charge button on the bottom right corner of the Ticket area to proceed.

Next, choose a type of payment for the purchase. For payments in cash, you can tap on suggested amounts on the screen or enter a custom amount of cash received from the customer and tap Charge to complete the sale.

Once charging is completed, the screen will display the total amount of sale and the change due. Enter customer’s email to send a copy of the receipt to the customer or tap Complete to start a new sale.