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How to Redeem Earned Points

Given that you have a loyalty program set up in Alto’s, you can offer your customers to redeem their bonus points when making a purchase or paying a bill.

To redeem earned points for a discount:

1. Go to the Point of Sale and create a ticket.

2. Tap the Add customer icon in the upper right corner of the ticket area.

3. Select the customer from the list and tap Done. Use the search bar if necessary to find the customer by name, email or phone number.

4. A new red icon (i.e. Customer icon) will show up instead of the Add customer icon. Tap on this icon and select the Redeem points option. Here you can see the total number of points available.

5. Ask the customer and enter the number of points to be redeemed using the pop-up number pad.

6. Once you tap Save, the purchase (or bill) amount is re-calculated taking into account the points to be redeemed. The value to be redeemed shows up in the discount line.

7. Now you can proceed with the sale as usual.