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Setting up Payment Types in Alto’s POS

Alto’s POS has default presets for two common types of payment such as cash and card. You can add additional payment types according to your needs, which will enable you to view a detailed sales report for each payment type.

  1. From the Back Office go to Settings > Payment Types and click it. Tap the ( + ) button to add a new type of payment.
  1. Choose a payment type from the drop-down list and enter a unique name for each payment type, which will appear in the reports. Cash is set as the default payment type and cannot be edited. Tap the Save button to save your changes.
  1. When completing a sale transaction in the Alto’s POS app, you can choose the type of payment as preferred by your customer.
  1. Each receipt displays information about the payment type used to complete a sale transaction.
  1. From the Back Office go to Reports > Payment Types to review your sales completed by each payment type you have created in your account.