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How to Split an Open Ticket in Alto’s POS

In Alto’s POS app, a cashier can save active tickets as Open Tickets. When necessary, a cashier can split existing tickets into multiple new tickets. 

  1. In order to create open tickets, go to Back Office > Settings > Features and turn on Open Tickets toggle from the list.
  1. From the POS sale screen go to the Ticket area and tap the Open Tickets button at the bottom left corner.
  1. In the opened window, choose an open ticket from the previously saved tickets list.
  1. Next, tap the vertical ellipsis (⋮) at the top right corner and choose action “Split ticket”.
  1. In the next window, your original ticket will be shown on the left.
  1. Tap items from the ticket on the left to move them to a new ticket on the right. Set an amount if necessary and tap Done to move the item.
  1. Tap the (+) icon next to the new ticket to add a new additional ticket. After adding items to each new ticket, tap the Save button to save your tickets. Empty new tickets will not be saved.
  1. Tap the vertical ellipsis (⋮) at the top right corner of a new ticket and choose action “Edit ticket” to add a comment to the ticket.
  1. In the opened window, go to the Comment field and enter a person’s name or other comment and tap Save.
  1. You can view and work with your newly split tickets by tapping the Open Tickets button from the Ticket area.

Note: All ticket details such as comments, modifiers, taxes and discounts applied to each item or the whole original ticket will be transferred to newly split tickets.