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How to Split Payments in Alto’s POS

In case, a customer wants to make a payment and does not have enough cash, you can split the bill into separate payment methods in Alto’s POS and indicate how much and in which way to be paid.

  1. Click Charge from the sale screen and tap the Split button.
  1. Tap the ( + ) icon to create the number of partial payments. By default, Alto’s POS will split the total sum into even portions.
  1. Next, you can choose the payment type for each payment.
  1. Enter a custom amount for each payment option, if necessary and tap the Charge button next to each payment type to accept payment.
  1. After successful charging, you will see a green check icon next to each payment option. Tap Done to finalize the transaction.
  1. You can send separate receipts to the customer’s email address for each payment. Next, tap the Complete button to make a new sale.