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How to Create Composite Items

A composite item is an individual product made up of several other products or ingredients, i.e. components.

To create a composite item, first make sure that you already have all the components in your list of products/ingredients (learn more about creating a product or an ingredient). Then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Back Office > Products > Products. Tap Add Product.

2. Fill in the basic product details as usual.

3. In the Inventory section, toggle on Composite item to specify the product components.

4. Click (+) button and choose the component(s) from the list of ingredients and products.

5. Then tap on each component to specify (or edit later) the gross and net quantities used to prepare the product.

6. Once you enter all the components, the system automatically calculates the unit cost of the product. The system also adjusts inventory of its component(s) each time the product is sold if the Track stock option is enabled for the component(s). Additionally you can type in information on how to prepare the product and specify cooking time as a guide for the kitchen staff, available only on KDS (Kitchen Display System).

7. Proceed to the following sections as usual and tap Save to save the product.