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How to Add a Customer to the Customer List in Back Office and in Alto’s POS

A key driver of your company’s value is the value of your customers. A customer database allows you to analyze and create the appropriate marketing plan for your product or service, as well as offer discounts and loyalty programs to customers.

Adding a Customer via Back Office

  1. From the Back Office interface go to Customers > Customer list > and tap Add Customer button.
  1. Fill in the Customer profile and tap Save.
  1. Next, you will see a new customer profile added to your Customer list.

Adding a Customer via POS interface

New customer profiles can be created during a sale via Ticket Area in Alto’s POS.

  1. From the Point of Sale interface go to the top right corner of the Ticket Area and tap Add Customer icon.
  1. Next, tap the Add Customer button on the bottom of the pop-up window.
  1. Fill in the Customer profile and tap Save.
  1. Now, you have successfully added a new customer profile to your customer list.