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How to add ingredients and categories in Alto’s POS

Adding New Ingredients

Go to the Back Office to add a new ingredient. On the navigation menu, go to Products > Ingredients. Tap Add Ingredient to add a new ingredient.

Fill in ingredient details such as product name, unit, price, cost and category.

Input or scan your ingredient barcode. Enter a custom SKU or use a system-generated SKU.

Enable Track stock toggle if you want to track the ingredient in your inventory system.

Pick the Primary supplier from the dropdown list of existing suppliers and enter the Default purchase cost (this step is optional to ease your work while creating purchase orders for this ingredient).

Pick one or multiple Business locations for your ingredient. Enter the actual amount of the ingredient and its minimum low stock and optimal stock values. Tap SAVE.

You can pick the ingredient color, shape, icon or take/upload its image for better navigation on the screen. Tap Save to update the ingredient list.

Adding ingredients in bulk

In order to save time and add numerous ingredients at once, you can use Alto’s POS’ Bulk Upload feature.

Go to Products > Ingredients. Click the Bulk Import button to add ingredients in bulk. Choose Import by CSV or Excel, choose the file to be imported and click Upload.

Adding Ingredient Categories

To create a new ingredient category go to Products > Ingredients. Tap Add Category to add a new ingredient category.

Enter a category name and pick color, shape, icon or take/upload its image for easy navigation on the Ingredients screen. Click Save to add the category.