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How to Create Discounts

You can offer discounts on purchases to attract new customers and make a pleasant surprise to existing ones. Discounts can help increase your sales and improve your reputation when used properly.

  1. To create a discount on Alto’s POS, go to the Back Office > Products > Discounts. Tap Add Discount button.

2. Enter the name of the discount.

3. Choose the type of discount (Percentage or Amount). A Percentage discount is applicable to both ticket’s total amount and individual products, whereas an Amount discount can only be applied to ticket’s total amount. Also note that all discounts are applied before taxes.

4. Next, enter the discount value (percentage or amount). Or, you can leave the field blank if you want to apply an individual discount upon sale.

5. Turn the toggle on to grant permission to apply this discount to only those employees who have appropriate access rights.

6. Choose location(s) from the dropdown list at which you want this discount to be available or turn the toggle on to activate it automatically at all locations.

7. Click Save. Now you are set to apply the discount to your sales.

Viewing, editing or deleting an existing discount

  1. Go to Back Office > Products > Discounts to view the list of all discounts.

2. Tap on the specific discount to see its details. To edit a discount, tap on it. Make necessary changes in the details. Then tap Save to finish editing.

3. To delete a specific discount, tap on it. Then tap Delete.