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How to Sell Liquids in Alto’s POS

Selling by weight/volume option in Edit Product

Go to the Back Office to add a product. Select the Products menu. Tap Add Product to add a new product.

  1. In the Add Product form, go to option ‘Sold by’ and choose option sold by weight/volume (kilogram, pound, liter, etc.).
  2. Enter the product price per one liquid measure. For example, by indicating the measure in the name of the product, such as “Apple Juice 1L”. Save changes.
  1. When selling a liquid product, you will see a pop-up number pad on the screen. You can enter the proportionate amount to a liter of the product and tap Save.

For example, your measure is set to a liter and you are selling 500 ml of the liquid product. In this case, you indicate 0.5 in the quantity field and tap OK.

  1. Next, you will see your product added to the ticket. The price will be shown as price per liter multiplied by the actual selling portion indicated via number pad. The sold amount of the liquid product is further deducted from the stock.