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How to Set Up and Use Dining Options

Whether you accept orders for dine-in, takeout or delivery (or else), Alto’s POS & Inventory is here to help you sort them out.

1. How to set up dining options

To set up dining options:

  1. First, go to Back Office > Settings > Features and toggle the Dining options switch on and tap Save.
  1. Once you save the changes, the Dining options item appears under the Settings menu.
  2. The most common dine in, takeout and delivery options come by default in Alto’s.
  1. You can use these options as they are, or you can edit their names as you wish by tapping on them. Don’t forget to save your changes.
  1. To add a new option, tap the (+) button.
  1. Enter the option name. If you have multiple locations and you want to make this option available only for certain location(s), you can disable the toggle “Available at any location” and select only the necessary one(s) from the drop-down list. Then tap Save.
  1. To change the orders of the options and to choose the default one, use the Up or Down arrows.

2. How to Use Dining Options

Once the Dining options feature is set up at your Back Office:

  1. Go to the Point of Sale and open the Sales screen.
  1. You will find the Dining options line with the default dining option in the upper part of the ticket area. Tap on it to select the one (other than the default) you want from the dropdown list of all available options.
  1. Once you complete the sale, the dining options information shows up:
    1. on the printed receipt
    2. on the bill (if you print one)
    3. on the e-receipt (if customer requests you to send one to his/her email)
    4. in the receipt information available under Point of Sale > Receipts (or under Back Office > Receipts)
    5. in the order information on CDS
    6. in the ticket information if KDS or a kitchen printer is being used.