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How to Transfer Inventory between Business locations

If you have multiple business locations, with Alto’s you can easily move your product and ingredient stocks from one business location to another when necessary.

To transfer stocks:

  1. Go to Back Office > Inventory > Transfer order.
  2. Tap the ‘+’ button to create a transfer order.
  1. Choose Source and Destination locations from the existing list of your business locations.
  1. You can leave the current date as it is or choose another date (depending on when the transfer took or is going to take place).  Enter notes about the transfer, if necessary.
  1. Now, tap the (+) button under Products to select ingredient(s)/product(s) to be transferred. Note that the list contains the ingredients/products with activated Track stock option.
  1. Once you choose the ingredient(s)/product(s) and enter the quantity to be transferred, the system will show the current stocks of chosen ingredient(s)/product(s) at each location (source and destination) and the quantity to be transferred.
  1. Once you tap Save, the transfer order with In transit status shows up in the Transfer order page. Tap on it to proceed to completion of the transfer.
  1. In the new screen, you can either edit the transfer order, complete it or take more actions, such as sending it by email, downloading it (in .CSV, .PDF, .XLS formats) or creating labels for the ingredients/products to be transferred.

Tap the Receive button to complete the transfer.

  1. Once you confirm, the transfer order is complete and the status of the order changes to Transferred. Also, stock quantities at source (-) and destination (+) locations change accordingly.