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How to Create and Work with Variants

If you have a product with different versions (color, size, form, packaging, material, etc.) and you don’t want to create each version as a separate product, then you can use the Variants feature of Alto’s POS to ease your work.

Note: The Variants feature is applicable only for retail-type businesses.

Creating variants

1.     Go to Back Office > Products > Products. Tap on the product to edit or create a new one.

2.     Once you toggle on the Variants switch, you will see 2 default parameters with variations: Size and Color. They are given by the system by default as a clue to how parameters and their variations should look like.

3.     Set parameters according to your needs:

a.     Change the name of the parameter(s) in the Option name field;

b.     Add variations (or values) by tapping (+) and/or delete unnecessary ones by tapping the Delete icon;

c.     Add new parameter(s) by tapping the Add Option button or delete existing one(s) by tapping the red Delete icon. Note that the system allows only up to 3 parameters.

4.     Now tap the Add Variant button to generate variants manually.

5.     OR, tap Generate Variants to generate all possible variants automatically.

6.     The system will output the list of generated variants. The price and cost data of all variants automatically come from the parent product and SKU numbers are automatically generated by the system.

7.     You can edit a variant (price, cost, SKU, barcode and business locations) or delete it by tapping on it.

8.     During the process of editing a variant, you can also tap on the business location to enter the In stock, Low stock and Price figures for that specific business location. The Track stock feature should be enabled for the product to be able to do this.

9.     Save the product.

Selling Products with Variants

1.     Go to Point of Sale > Sales. Find and tap on the product with variants to add it to the ticket.

2.     In the window that pops up, select the desired product variant. Proceed to the next steps as with usual sale and tap OK.

3.     You can now see the product with the selected variant in the ticket.

4.     Proceed to checkout as usual.

5.     To view the sales figures of the product by variants, go to Back Office > Reports > Products. Sales figures of each variant are provided under the total sales figures of the parent product.