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How to Cancel Receipts in Alto’s POS

In order to fix a mistake made during sale or refund, you can cancel an existing receipt. A cancelled receipt will not be shown in the reports, and all products will be returned back to the inventory.

  1. From the Back Office interface go to Reports > Receipts > and click it.
  1. Click on the receipt to view details of the receipt you want to cancel. Next, click on the vertical ellipsis (⋮) on the top right corner of the ticket details window.
  1. Tap Cancel receipt.
  1. In the dialogue box tap Confirm to complete the action.
  1. Cancelled receipts are marked by a color in the receipts list.
  1. Tap on the cancelled receipt to view by whom and when a receipt was cancelled.
  1. Only users with Cancel Receipts rights assigned by the owner can perform cancellation of receipts. Go to Users > Access Rights to edit rights.

When you cancel a receipt:

  • Amounts from cancelled receipts will not be included upon calculating data in Reports.
  • Also, amounts from cancelled receipts will not be included in both current and closed shifts.
  • The quantity of sold products is automatically returned to the stock. However, when cancelling a refund receipt, the quantity of products is deducted from the stock.


You cannot reverse a cancelled receipt.

A fully or partially refunded receipt cannot be cancelled, unless the refund receipt is cancelled first.

When a receipt with integrated card payments is cancelled, processed funds will not be returned to the customer’s card.