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How to Print Product Labels

Product labelling can help businesses increase efficiency and accuracy in streamlining their inventory and sales management.

A product label contains basic information about the product, such as name, SKU, unit price and barcode.

Use the following steps to generate and print product labels.

  1. Make sure that your label printer is connected and set up properly in advance.
  2. Go to Back Office > Products. Tap the () icon and select Print labels.
  • On the Create labels screen, enter the label size (unit, width and height);
  • Select the location to which the products belong;
  • Select the source of the product information to be displayed on the label: barcode or SKU. You can choose the Barcode or SKU option to automatically display the one that is available, with the barcode taking precedence.
  • You can check the Print name and Print price checkboxes to display the name and price of the product at the selected location respectively on the label.
  • Now, tap (+) to make a list of the products for which you want to print labels. You can:
    • add products one by one under the Products tab;
    • add an entire category (Category) under the Categories tab;
    • or products assigned to a certain supplier (or suppliers) under the Suppliers tab.
  • Enter the quantity of labels you would like to print for each product and tap Create.
  • Check out the preview of your label.
  1. Here is how the printed version of a label looks like:


  • The parameters entered on the Create Label screen are remembered and offered by the system by default the next time you open this screen to print new labels. They can be changed if necessary.
  • Labels for ingredients can be created in much the same way.
  • Besides, product or ingredient labels can be printed when there is stock movement, such as purchasing, inventory transfer or stock adjustment. In such a case:
    • find and open the inventory document (purchase order, transfer order or inventory adjustment);
    • tap the () icon and select Print labels;
  • the Create label screen opens with the items and the number of labels to print based on the data specified in the document;
  • quantity can be changed depending on the number of labels actually needed for printing.
  • Code 128 is used to generate barcodes.