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How to Work with Inventory Counting

Alto’s Inventory counting function allows you to monitor your stocks periodically and make sure your inventory records match your physical inventory at a given time, and make adjustments in the stocks if/when necessary. It is a part of our fully integrated Inventory Management module.

Follow the steps below to work with Inventory counting:

  1. Go to Back Office > Inventory > Inventory counting
  2. Tap the “+” icon to add a new inventory count record.
  1. Choose the location where you want to conduct an inventory count and enter a note if necessary.
  1. Choose the product(s) and/or ingredient(s) subject to inventory counting: one by one by tapping the “+”  button or in bulk by using Autofill. The Autofill function allows you to add all items (both products and ingredients) at once, or add them by category or supplier. It also gives you an option to choose only those items, the expected stocks of which are more, less or equal to 0.
  1. Products (and their variants, if available) and ingredients are displayed as a list with information about their current stocks as you select them. Note that items, the “Track stock” option of which are disabled, are not displayed in the list.
  1. Once you tap Save, a new Inventory count document with a “Pending” status is created.
  1. Now, tap on the document to proceed.
  1. Tap the Count Stock button at the upper right corner to start counting the items. If you want to add more items to the list or remove some items from the list, then tap the Edit button, make necessary changes and then tap Count Stock again.
  1. Once you are in the Count stock screen, tap the items one by one and start entering the actual quantities of the items.
  1. You can enter the data either manually or with the help of your barcode scanner (given that you have already set up one). Tap Done after entering the actual quantity of the item.
  1. Each data entrance is recorded and displayed on the History board at the right hand side of the screen. Incorrect entrances can be cancelled anytime by tapping the Delete button.
  1. If you want to add an item which is not in the planned inventory list to the counting process, tap the “+” button and select the item from the list. Then enter the actual quantity and tap the Add to counted button.
  1. Note that the unplanned item shows up with a yellow triangle icon. You can remove it anytime from the list, compared to the planned items which you cannot remove.
  1. Tap Save to save the count information and continue at a later time. The document will have an “In progress” status in this case.
  2. To finalize the counting process, tap the Complete button.

16. Once you tap Confirm count on the pop-up window, the stock data of the items are updated based on the actual count figures. The status of the document now shows up as “Completed”.

17. Now, by tapping on the document, you can view the stock count details and download the data in PDF, CSV or XLS formats.