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How to Set Up Cash Rounding

Cash rounding commonly occurs when low-denomination coins are removed from circulation due to inflation. Cash rounding may be a compulsory legal requirement if such coins are no longer in circulation, or a voluntary practice where they remain in circulation but are scarce or impractical.

With Alto’s, you can apply cash rounding according to the general practices accepted in your country. This feature is not applicable for other payment types.

To set up cash rounding:

  1. Go to Back Office > Settings > Payment types. Tap Cash.
  1. In the Edit payment type screen you can see that 0.01 is set up by default.
  1. Tap on the Rounding section and pick an appropriate rounding interval with an appropriate rounding rule, if applicable, from the drop-down list. The system offers 5 different rounding intervals (0.01; 0.05; 0.10; 0.50; 1.00) with different rounding rules (except for 0.01).
  1. Once you pick one, you will see how the chosen rounding rule works below the Rounding section (except 0.01). You can test the rule by entering decimal variations before saving.
  1. Tap Save to save the setting.
  2. From now on the system will round the ticket amount according to the rounding rule you have chosen.
  3. Go to the Point of Sale to make/complete a sale. Given that the order/ticket is ready, tap Charge and you can see the Cash received value rounded based on the chosen rounding rule.
  1. Once you enter the actual cash amount received, the system will calculate the change based on the rounded ticket amount.
  1. Similarly, the receipt will contain information about the rounding and rounded version of the sales amount.
  1. Also, note that the Sales by Payment Type report will reflect information about the rounding.