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Add New Product (for retail businesses)

  1. Go to the Back Office to add a product. Select the Products menu. Tap Add Product to add a new product.
  1. Fill in product details such as product name, unit, price, cost and category.
  1. Input or scan your product barcode. Enter a custom SKU or use a system-generated SKU.

Composite Items

Enable Track stock toggle switch to follow up the product’s inventory.

Pick one or multiple Business locations for your product.

If your product has two or more variations, then you can enable Variants feature (applicable only for retail-type businesses) to add them. Create options and enter its variations.

Add specific variants by tapping Add variant.

Generate all possible variants automatically by clicking Generate variants.

Tap or click on a variant to make changes or delete it.

Choose business location(s) for each variant to indicate its availability.

Choose product color, shape, icon or take/upload its image for better navigation on the sales screen.

Tap Save to save the product.